We manage your aircraft, so you can focus on managing your business and busy life. You purchased an airplane to save time and not manage the intricacies and responsibilities of owning an aircraft. With Xpress One Aviation, your expenses decrease, not increase. Enjoy significant cost savings on crucial aircraft services, including expert maintenance, pilot services, and monthly navigation updates. Xpress One Aviation ensures your aircraft will consistently operate and meet the industry’s highest standards. We make sure your aircraft operation complies with FAA and other governmental entity standards, as well as your own. Whatever you prefer, we customize services that best fit and meet your needs. Let Xpress One Aviation alleviate the burden of aircraft ownership with our tailored solutions. From meticulous maintenance to expert pilot services, we ensure your aircraft operates smoothly and in compliance with industry standards. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your business and busy life while we handle the intricacies of aviation management.

With Xpress One Aviation, you have access to our flight department around the clock without the expense required to maintain that level of convenience. With the Xpress One Aviation Management Program, we offer the following standard services: Fully vetted, trained, and experienced flight crew at your disposal, detailed cleaning of your aircraft after every flight, in-depth financial and operational reporting, travel concierge services to assist with your car, hotel, and other arrangements, turn-key compliance with all regulatory requirements, state of the art maintenance with only FAA certified A&P’s and IA’s. Earn income by placing your plane with our Part 135 Charter Certificate allowing your plane to be placed in service when you are not using it. Owners receive rental revenue without the day-to-day management responsibilities that come with aircraft ownership. When you entrust the full operation of your aircraft to Xpress One Aviation, you receive a full-service experience from a reputable aircraft management firm. 

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